The story of the construction and launch of Jeannius

1st June 2002.... Start of lay-up at the Alliaura Factory in Les Sables d'Olonne, France


4th July 2002.... Still in the mould! Mouldings are left to cure for more than FIVE WEEKS before separation


28th August 2002.... After a long factory shutdown for summer, in the assembly hall


10th September 2002.... Engine install      27th September 2002.... Exterior fittings appear


4th October 2002.... So you reckon this boat will be in the water 2 weeks from today? We'll see


 14th October 2002.... Launch day!!! Not quite finished but ready to launch. Can't believe it.

06.00am Out of the factory                     06.30am Just about to launch      07.00am In the water, mast being fitted


14th October 2002.... Jean and 'Jeannius' Les Sables d'Olonne, Atlantic Coast, France